How To Recharge

Network Name Sms Format
Airtel RCA 9999999999 10
Aircel RCC 9999999999 10
Vodafone RCV 9999999999 10
Uninor RCU 9999999999 10
Uninor Special RCN 9999999999 10
Tata Docomo Normal RCT 9999999999 10
Tata Docomo Special RCD 9999999999 10
Tata Indicom RCM 9999999999 10
BSNL RCB 9999999999 10
BSNL Special RCS 9999999999 10
Reliance CDMA RCR 9999999999 10
Reliance GSM RCG 9999999999 10
Idea RCI 9999999999 10
MTS RCF 9999999999 10
Stel RCJ 9999999999 10
MTNL RCP 9999999999 10
Vodeocon RCE 9999999999 10
Videocon Special RCH 9999999999 10
Airtel DTH DAD 9999999999 10
Tata Sky DTS 99999999999 10
Reliance Big TV DRB 9999999999 10
Sun Direct DSD 9999999999 10
Videocon D2H DVD 9999999999 10
Dish TV DDT 9999999999 10
RC BL   For Checking Account Balance
RC RCA For Doing recharge, RCA is network id, Mob is Mobile number and  
RC USER    To get login details for website login
RC STATUS To get last 4 transaction details
RC PIN To get recharge pin For Mobile Recharge From Website
RC TRA AMT MOB (Only For Distributors) To Transfer Amount to a Perticular retailer Under Him
AMT Amount of Recharge
MOB Mobile Number

For Data Card

Tata Photon RMT 9999999999 10
Reliance Net Connect RMR 9999999999 10
MTS M Blaze RMM 9999999999 10

Sending Server No: 9001008822

Customer Care No: +91 9733777365, +91 9153101152, +91 3482257061


Network Name             Single Voucher Multiple Voucher Top UP
Sun Direct 4.Password.Sun.Value.Mob No.5 7.Password.Sun.Value.Quantity.5 4.Password.Sun.Value.Customer id.5
Videocon D2H 4.Password.d2h.Value.Mob No.5 7.Password.d2h.Value.Quantity.5 4.Password.d2h.Value.Customer id.5
Reliance Big TV 4.Password.big.Value.Mob No.5 7.Password.big.Value.Quantity.5 4.Password.big.Value.Customer id.5
Airtel DTH 4.Password.atv.Value.Mob No.5 7.Password.atv.Value.Quantity.5  
Dish TV No.5 id.5
Tata Sky 4.Password.tsky.Value.Mob No.5 7.Password.tsky.Value.Quantity.5 4.Password.tsky.Value.Customer id.5
Aircel 4.Password.acl.Value.Mob No.5    
Vodafone 4.Password.vod.Value.Mob No.5    

Reliance (GSM+CDMA)

4.Password.rel.Value.Mob No.5    
Idea 4.Password.idea.Value.Mob No.5    
Tata Docomo 4.Password.doc.Value.Mob No.5    
Tata Docomo Special No.5    
Uninor 4.Password.uni.Value.Mob No.5    
Uninor Special 4.Password.unis.Value.Mob No.5    
BSNL Top UP 4.Password.bsnl.Value.Mob No.5    
BSNL Validity 6.Password.bsnl.Value.Mob No.5    
MTS 4.Password.mts.Value.Mob No.5    
Loop (Only Mumbai) 4.Password.loop.Value.Mob No.5    
ITZ Cash Card 4.Password.itz.Value.Mob No.5 7.Password.itz.Value.Quantity.5  
Tata Indicom 4.Password.tata.Value.Mob No.5    

Blance Check: 5.password.5

Server No: 9987203356

Customer Care No:02066891111